It’s all about… batteries.

An op ed was recently posted on the BBC website suggesting that Elon Musk's most important business would not be his car, Space X, public transport or tunneling companies but his somewhat more boring involvement in the advancement of battery technologies. Batteries - rechargeable or otherwise - have always had a love hate relationship with anything electrical. For older folk reading this, you will recall the days…

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The US is picking up, but how are things looking over here?

Barron's reports that Americans are getting back behind the wheel with a vengeance. Good news for all the manufacturers and dealers out there but also good news for parts companies, automotive insurers and rental car companies, too. Wall Street analysts are now in agreement that various sectors of the car industry offer good opportunities for investors to dip their toes. While Car Sleuth isn't in the business…

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Car Dealerships are back open. Hoorah!!

June 1st marked the day that car dealerships up and down the country could re-open as part of the Government’s phased “re-boot” of the economy. This is contingent on car dealerships showing that they can meet the COVID-19 secure guidelines to protect shoppers and workers. This includes one-way systems, hand sanitising stations, protective screens and more frequent cleaning/de-sanitising of each car. All visits to showrooms must be…

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