Driving tips

The sun’s out, temperatures are rising and surprise, surprise your car turns into a veritable but completely unwanted sauna. Naturally the first reaction is to wind the windows down and crank on the air conditioning – my kids do it all the time. Lowering the windows makes a ton of sense as the need to flush out the hot air that’s been trapped inside is critical! But…

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Springtime trends we’re seeing

There’s no other place to start than to highlight the remarkable shift in consumer demand from diesel to petrol and/or hybrid vehicles. Courtesy of the failed "dash for diesel" under the last Labour government in the early 2000's, London-based families are now taking a more environmentally-friendly stance as they wave goodbye to their old diesel-powered Land Rovers and Audi Q7’s. Add in lower yearly taxes and fewer…

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Car Review: 2018 Lexus RX450h L

June car review: The new Lexus RX450h L The long-awaited arrival of a 7-seater Lexus is finally here. First launched at the LA car show last November, UK residents finally got to see the new RX450h L live and in person in May. Based on the existing RX450h the new L, starting at £54k, has added 110mm in length to accommodate a third seating row. Those with…

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