You’re fully charged for the winter, but is your car battery??

There’s no worse feeling than getting behind the wheel of your car, turning the key (or pressing the start/stop button!) only for nothing to happen because, gulp, you’ve got a dead battery. It makes your stomach turn. And of course, you won’t have a backup plan in place to ensure you arrive to where you need to be on time. Alas, this exact situation played itself out…

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The 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE – Going from strength to strength!

With the choice of family SUV’s growing all the time it becomes more and more difficult to choose – they all end up blending together in terms of styling and features with favouritism to one model over another based more on brand name and trends. Today all the major car manufacturers are building SUV’s to incredibly high standards. Even those that are traditionally regarded as Super Car…

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New car buyers beware! New road taxes in full force!

Call it apathy, call it head in the sand, call it downright uninteresting. Any way you call it, road taxes are tedious. They are typically paid once a year (although monthly and six-month permits are certainly an option) leading people to simply pay and forget about it. I understand completely; in a similar vein my trick to dealing with a parking ticket once issued (if I am…

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Which grade of fuel should I be putting into my car?

My wife filled our car with petrol last week and said that she often wondered which of the different “grades” she should put in. Fortunately, my wife is a very smart cookie so didn’t need reminding that diesel was obviously not an option (gasp!). I proceeded to tell her my thoughts on whether it was worth paying more for premium petrol, or supreme diesel, which I thought…

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September new car sales fall… But why??

September is typically the busiest month of the calendar year for new car sales. Why, you ask? Because this is the month when car manufacturers release their new models for the following year. Or put another way, and by way of example, the new 2019 models come to the forecourts in September of 2018. To coincide with this, here in the UK one can highlight to their…

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Getting ready for the ULEZ and what it means for you

I’ve had lots of inbounds from people who drive older cars in London on what the changes introduced by Mayor Sadiq Khan last October will mean for them. Confusion abounds courtesy of unclear timelines and unfriendly terms such as “ULEZ”, “Euro 6 compliant”, “NOx emissions” and others. Hopefully this little write-up can clarify the matter for you… Most of us remember the launch of the Congestion Charge…

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Your tyres – so easy to overlook and yet so important!

If we reason that, after stomping on the brake pedal with all our might, the last remaining hope of not crashing into something in front of us ultimately lies on strips of black rubber glued together then we should probably make sure that the black rubber underneath us is up to snuff. The importance of having properly maintained tyres can’t be overstated. I won’t bore you with…

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Sept car review: The Hyundai Ioniq – the Prius beater?

It’s tough to look much past the Toyota Prius if you’re in the market for a hybrid car. They are, after all, the benchmark from which most other hybrids are measured. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Prius – quite the contrary, in fact - it’s a welcome sight to see other car manufacturers taking them to task. The Hyundai Ioniq was released in late…

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Driving tips

The sun’s out, temperatures are rising and surprise, surprise your car turns into a veritable but completely unwanted sauna. Naturally the first reaction is to wind the windows down and crank on the air conditioning – my kids do it all the time. Lowering the windows makes a ton of sense as the need to flush out the hot air that’s been trapped inside is critical! But…

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