The new Lexus ES300h – A German luxury saloon rival?

Many of you are aware of Car Sleuth’s fondness for Lexus. Outside of the German manufacturers who dominate the executive saloon market, there are few car brands who have created a package of luxury, performance, build-quality and environmental credentials with as much success as this Japanese brand. In the UK, of the 10 Lexus models for sale, seven of them are offered as hybrids only. Lexus’s parent-company…

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Driving to the Alps for half-term? Read on!

If you’ve taken the somewhat brave, and economically savvy, decision to drive to the Alps for your family ski holiday, a quick refresher course on how to drive in the snow wouldn’t go amiss! With half-term starting for most families next week, chances are you’re well on your way with your road-trip preparations. Train/ferry booked? Check! Car properly serviced? Check! Extra provisions in case of emergency? Check!…

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20mph speed limits?!? A bit excessive, no?

I’ve had lots of inbounds from people asking why there appear to be so many more 20mph speed limit signs in and around central London. It’s true, just about everywhere you turn there is a new, brightly lit 20mph sign reminding you to… slow down! How and why has it come to this, you ask? To answer, it’s helpful to know that it is indeed the individual…

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