James Cameron hooks up with Mercedes-Benz to create an Avatar car…

James Cameron hooks up with Mercedes-Benz to create an Avatar car…

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This is kinda fun… Hollywood mega-filmmaker James Cameron – an avid environmentalist to boot – has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to create an eco-friendly concept car that dovetails into his Avatar-based worlds of production and design.

The car was first seen on Monday in Las Vegas at CES under the moniker Vision AVTR, which stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation. Mercedes-Benz is keen to highlight that this car embodies the brands move towards sustainable motoring and resource-saving preservation and is part of their Ambition 2039 initiative. Mercedes-Benz, and their parent corporation Daimler AG, are focused on being the most recognised sustainable luxury automotive brand in the world.

And how does the car look, you ask? Unsurprisingly, very futuristic… It’s a fully electric four-seater vehicle with a captivating sloping roofline with design cues lifted right from the Avatar movie, woodsprites and all. Organic materials are in abundance while flaps at the back mimic scales seen on creatures not at all out of place in Cameron’s Avatar movie.

Being a concept, one shouldn’t expect to be able to pre-order these cars. But until that time, get ready to see them in the next Avatar movie, set for release in December 2021!