Getting insurance for young drivers remains… a challenge!

Getting insurance for young drivers remains… a challenge!

I’m all for black box devices being fitted in cars to monitor the driving habits of new drivers to help them become better drivers. The idea being that if you demonstrate that you are a good driver, you will be rewarded with lower insurance premiums. While I do recognise that this does have an air of “Big Brother watching you”, in my opinion new drivers should be encouraged to adopt good driving habits, with lower insurance premiums the carrot dangling at the end of the stick. All good…

Speaking of carrots, Carrot Insurance has come under sharp criticism. The above article on the BBC website highlights the deficiencies in using a phone app (Carrot Insurance’s Better Driver app) to monitor your driving habits. Several complaints about this flawed technology have come through, with my favourite being a “driver” being monitored while she was travelling… on a train!

Clearly much work needs to be done. The car industry – insurance providers included – need to simplify the process of providing insurance for young drivers. With falling car sales, and the move away from car ownership as environmental considerations pile up, the industry should be making it as easy as possible for young drivers to get behind the wheel of a new (or used!) car. Technology that doesn’t pass the grade won’t help matters.

But don’t let this put you off. There are insurance providers out there that do cater to young drivers. Feel free to contact me should you require help in getting the right insurance policy for any new/learner driver in your family!

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