Wait a second… Audi to replace petrols with diesels?!? And only in Europe?!?

Wait a second… Audi to replace petrols with diesels?!? And only in Europe?!?


Have a read of the link above. Should we not be a little concerned that Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) continue to push diesels on us in this era of heightened climate change awareness? I understand completely that new diesels run a lot cleaner than those of the past, and I also understand that for certain “applications” diesels are preferred. But until such time as no NOx being emitted from the tailpipe, surely having a diesel as the only powertrain available in a four-door saloon a la A4 is just… wrong?

I suppose it should come as no surprise that Audi will only be releasing these cars as diesel-only here in Europe; NA and Asia are saved such respiratory exasperation. Clearly VAG is trying their utmost to re-coup as much diesel-associated R&D cost as possible. And with diesel infrastructure still in place up and down our motorways courtesy of past false assertions on the cleanliness of diesel motors, who better than we environmentally UN-friendly Europeans to fill VAG’s (financial) holes?!? Arrrgh!

But don’t despair. We’ve finally been presented the ultimate opportunity to express our dissatisfaction at having been sold up the (diesel-polluted) river that ultimately led to the breaking of the dieselgate scandal: simply boycott the purchase of any new Audi with a diesel powertrain. This should be easy enough because never before have you had more car models to choose from. And remember, Car Sleuth is here to help you find your next car!

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